2018 Demo Reel
:10-  Synesthesia Thesis
:14- Finding Hanuman 
:16- A tale of Two zip Codes (Black Math Internship project)
:18- Brooklyn 99 (aired News graphics) aired
:20- Black-ish (aired Nepotism typography piece) Ingenuity Studios
:26- Steve Martin TBS (Black Math)
:28- Synesthesia Thesis
:29- Empowered Logo (New World Comics)
:31- Best Of Ringling Awards Opening
:33- Meh
:35- Wonder Woman End Titles (Greenhaus GFX) worked on particle animation for this segment and smoke treatment.
:38- Quay Australia In store slide show
:40- Jam Series
:42- Black-ish Text animation (aired) Ingenuity Studios
:46- Life in pieces (aired billboard animation) Ingenuity Studios
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